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Car Diagnostics

If you are local to Bromsgrove and have noticed unusual lights appearing on your dashboard, you can bring your car to us for a professional level diagnostic read. We are able to read the engine management and Anti-Lock Braking System on the majority of makes and models; (and may know someone who can, if we can’t!).
Please contact us to find out more.

Diagnostic (or “Code”) Reads:

Our initial diagnostic reads are £48.00 Incl. VAT and we can provide a full list of any stored fault codes. (*At our discretion, this charge may be waived under certain circumstances; please call us to find out more.)

Our accurate diagnostic equipment will scan your vehicle’s system to check it for any stored faults. Stored fault codes can often be indicative of the cause of issues you may be experiencing. Once diagnosed, you will have the opportunity to get any issues fixed before more expensive repairs are needed.

About Diagnostic (or “Code”) Reads:

A diagnostic read is a useful step to help get ahead of problems before they become more serious. If engine management warning lights appear on your dashboard, they are trying to warn you that something is wrong. By identifying the different fault codes stored in the brain of your car, we can often identify the potential cause of common issues such as lack of power (“limp mode”), exhaust emission problems, braking system faults, and more. Additionally, in some cases, dashboard lights may not indicate that there is a serious issue at all and in such cases they can just be cleared. However, it is better to be safe than sorry, so why not book your car in with us today?

Why Is There A Charge For Code Reads?

In the modern consumer marketplace, there are numerous devices available to buy, often for very little money, that can be plugged in to your car and return a list stored of “fault” codes; these are often little more than a collection of letters and numbers with a very vague description of which system or part they relate to.
The equipment that we use is rather more than just that… It can enable us to see live data from the engine management system and can “translate” the fault codes from multiple different manufacturers to give an indication of the details of faults, rather than just the part or system affected.

The subscription to this professional-level software alone costs literally thousands of pounds per year, along with the initial outlay to purchase the actual diagnostic computer and interfaces; all of which means that there are costs inherent in making the service available to customers. Whilst other businesses approach this differently, we prefer to pass on the costs just to those customers who benefit from using the equipment, rather than add the charges to everyday servicing and repairs for all of our customers who may not have needed diagnostic reads, which is why we charge for diagnostic reads separately.

It is also worth considering that a typical manufacturer or dealership diagnostic read can frequently be double the price that we charge.

We endeavour to be as fair as possible with our charges and will consider factors like whether we have performed a successful code read for you previously, and whether our data matches any you have been able to provide from previous code reads. In all cases, we will perform our own diagnostic read even if you already have your own or a third-party fault code already.

If we cannot read your vehicle, there will, obviously, be no charge.

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If you are located in Bromsgrove or the surrounding locations and your car needs a diagnostic check, contact our knowledgeable team today.

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